Somebody asked me, “Where do you get inspiration for your ghost stories?” I was about to say, I do not write ghost stories and it struck me. Perhaps, the person has taken my ghostwriting profession in the literal sense, as the one who writes ghost stories.
So, I thought I might as well bring the ghost into the limelight today.
Here are some facts about ghostwriters, how they provide services and what value they can bring to your literary work.

A Ghostwriter does not write ghost stories but, is a professional writer who writes undercover for other people. The Ghostwriters are hired by celebrities, influencers, senior professionals, brand strategist and individuals to write on their behalf.

Why are Ghostwriters called so?
Ghostwriters write stuff that is for someone and therefore they just use their professional skill in articulating content and sometimes even enriching it with their ideas and supporting with extensive research. They write on behalf of people and do not own any right over the content, analogous to ghosts who do things but do not appear.

Where is Ghostwriting needed?
Ghostwriting can be adapted for social media campaigns, blogs, and public communication. Ghostwriting is largely opted for writing professional books.

Why should I hire a Ghostwriter?
If you want to write a book or maintain your social media account and have no TIME or SKILL to write, you can hire a Ghostwriter.

Is Ghostwriting expensive?
Ghostwriting can be adopted for different requirements and therefore the fees may vary. Ghostwriters do not claim their name on the content and manuscript. Nor do they claim any royalty, therefore they charge a professional fee that is worth their effort.

How do I get help in writing a book?
If you have an idea, concept, or a framework for a book in mind, a Ghostwriter can help you write an entire manuscript on the inputs you provide.

Whose name appears on the book cover?
The Ghostwriter is only writing the book on your behalf, and thus only your name would appear as an author and the sole owner of the book.

How do I assure a Ghostwriter secures my ideas and my work?
A professional Ghostwriter will always sign an NDA stating the terms of non-disclosure and your ideas and content are kept secured. A Ghostwriter does not own the copyright for the manuscript written.

I recollect a funny anecdote from the movie ‘Five Flights Up,’ where a Ghostwriter is sarcastically being asked-
“How do you Ghostwrite a self-help book?”
The makes for an intelligent dialogue, but the fact is, a Ghostwriter does not write for own, but for the client and their respective expertise. Ghostwriters are well-read, articulate, and dextrous in writing across industries and that is the skill they bring to an assignment.

Do Ghostwriters do editing also?
Ghostwriters are specialised writers and could help with a round of proofreading. If you find the need for editing the content, a professional editor can be involved post the manuscript is ready (Pls. note – an editor is specifically trained to restructure content, find changes required, edit grammatically, proof-read etc.)

Will Ghostwriter help in publishing my book?
Some Ghostwriters are trained to publish e-books. Print-Publishing is a specialisation and most Ghostwriters are associated with print publishers.

Where can I hire a Ghostwriter?
Ghostwriters can be contacted through professional networks like LinkedIn and individual professional Ghostwriting websites. At, The Writing Stuff, we provide Ghostwriting services exclusively for books. We also assist in publishing e-books.